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Who are we?

We are BluoVerda, a newly founded organization consisting of motivated and committed environmental experts. BluoVerda focuses on a wide range of topics related to ecosystems, biodiversity and livelihoods. Our projects and initiatives mainly involve six key areas: climate, forests & wildlife, mountain ecosystem, marine & freshwater, food & farming (agriculture and fisheries) and sustainable cities. By linking these areas in an integrated approach, we can better direct our resources to maintaining, enhancing and recovering vulnerable landscapes, species and people in Latin America.

Much more detailed information can be found on our official website.

So… what is this blog all about? We have different ideas in mind how we can use this platform to publish and share all kinds of valuable information with anybody interested. On the one hand, we will definitely report about the projects which have been realized by our organization, for the sake of transparency, of course, so that our members or donors can see what we are doing. In addition, we also intend to contribute to the transfer of knowledge. Consequently, there will be many exciting articles, filled with background knowledge about our topics.
You may be curious, we certainly are. So, stay tuned, subscribe to our blog and look forward to many exciting stories from South America’s rainforests and other ecosystems.

Published by Tamara Karp

Co-founder of BluoVerda e.V. | I am an enviornmental expert/forestry scientist with special interest in forest ecology, forest dynamics, natural silviculture, ecosystem services, biodiversity and sustainable resource management particularly with regard to Climate Change and the Sustainable Development Goals.

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